Dulce de leche roll


60x40cm thin sponge cake, cream: 150g butter, 250g margarine, 150g icing sugar, 2 eggs, 10g vanilla pudding powder, 400g dulce de leche or salted dulce de leche, 2 tbsp spirit, 200g shredded and dry-roasted nuts, vanilla essence.


Rub the butter and margarine until light and fluffy. Beat the eggs with the icing sugar until frothy. Mix the two masses for about 10 minutes. Add the pudding and mix thoroughly. Add dulce de leche, spirit and vanilla essence. Mix all the ingredients into a smooth mass.

Place ¾ of the cream on the sponge cake and spread evenly on the whole surface. Roll and put into food foil and leave in refrigerator for 2 hours. Take out of the refrigerator and remove from the foil. Decorate with the remaining cream and sprinkle with nuts.


Copyright Polder 2011
Made by 3xw